Meaning name Anscom

Meaning name Anscom

English surname transferred to forename use, meaning "stone-enclosed valley." 

Ans - Dutch pet form of Latin Anna, meaning "favor; grace."
Ansa - Finnish name derived from the word ansio, meaning "virtue."
Anselma - Feminine form of German Anselm, meaning "divine helmet." 
Ansonia - Feminine form of English Anson, originally a patronymic surname which may have come from any of a number of Middle English names, for instance "son of Ansel," or "son of Agnes."
Anstace - Variant spelling of English/Scottish Anstice, meaning "resurrection."
Anstey - Pet form of English/Scottish Anstice, meaning "resurrection."
Anstice - English and Scottish name derived from Latin Anastasia, meaning "resurrection." Popular in the 13th century. 
Anscomb - Variant spelling of English Anscom, meaning "stone-enclosed valley."
Ansel - Contracted form of French Anselme, meaning "divine helmet."
Ansell - Variant spelling of French Ansel, meaning "divine helmet."

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