Meaning name Amaryllis

Meaning name Amaryllis

English name derived from the flower name amaryllis, from Greek amarysso, meaning "to sparkle."

Ama - African Akan name meaning "born on Saturday."
Amabel - English name derived from Latin amabilis, meaning "lovable."
Amada - Feminine form of Spanish Amado, meaning "beloved."
Amadahy - Native American Cherokee name meaning "forest water."
Amadi - African Igbo name meaning "rejoicing."
Amaia - Basque name meaning "the end."
Amaka - Short form of African Igbo Chiamaka, meaning "God is beautiful."
Amal - Arabic unisex name meaning "hope." Compare with strictly masculine forms of Amal.
Amala - अमला):  Feminine form of German Amal, meaning "labor, work."
Amalaswintha - Gothic name composed of the Germanic elements amal "labor, work" and swinth "strength," hence "strong worker."

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