Meaning name Alvin

Meaning name Alvin

Middle English and Norman French name derived from Latin Alvinius, meaning "elf friend."

Alva -  Compare with masculine Alva. Anglicized feminine form of Irish Gaelic unisex Ailbhe, possibly meaning "white."
Alverad - Visigothic name composed of the Germanic elements alf "elf" and rad "council," hence "elf council."
Alvery - Norman French form of Visigothic Alverad, meaning "elf council."
Alvilda - Danish form of Old Norse Álfhildr, meaning "elf battle."
Alvina - Middle English feminine form of Norman French Alvin, meaning "elf friend."
Alva - Variant spelling of Hebrew Alvah, meaning "evil, iniquity." Compare with feminine forms of Alva.
Alvah - Hebrew name meaning "evil, iniquity." In the bible, this is the name of a duke of Edom. Also spelled Aliah. 
Alvar - Middle English form of Anglo-Saxon Ælfhere, meaning "elf army."
Álvaro - Spanish form of Visigothic Alewar, meaning "guard of all."
Alven - English variant spelling of Norman French Alvin, meaning "elf friend."

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