Meaning name Alon

Meaning name Alon

 Variant spelling of English Allon, meaning "oak tree."

Alodia - Visigothic name composed of the elements ali "foreign; the other" and od "fortune, prosperity; wealth," hence "foreign wealth."
Aloisia - Feminine form of Latin Aloisius, meaning "famous warrior."
AloÏsia -   Feminine form of German Aloïs, meaning "famous warrior."
Alojzija - Feminine form of Slovene Alojzij, meaning "famous warrior."
Aloli - Egyptian name meaning "grapes."
Alona - Feminine form of Hebrew Alon, meaning "oak tree."
Alondra - Contracted form of Spanish Alejandra, meaning "defender of mankind." It may also be given as a bird name if derived from the Spanish word alondra, meaning "lark."
AloÏs - German name derived from Latin Aloisius, meaning "famous warrior."
Aloisio - Portuguese form of Latin Aloisius, meaning "famous warrior."
Aloisius - Variant spelling of Latin Aloysius, meaning "famous warrior."

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