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Barsegh - Armenian form of Roman Latin Blasius, meaning "talks with a lisp."
Wenyang - Chinese name meaning "refined man."
Glenn - Variant spelling of Scottish Glen, meaning "valley."
Alaunos - Variant form of Celtic Alaunus, meaning "shining one."
Caomh - Gaelic name derived from the word caomh, meaning "beloved, comely." 
Hortensius - Roman name derived from Latin hortus, meaning "garden."
Pythios - Greek name, possibly derived from the word pythein, meaning "to rot." In mythology, this is the name of a serpent killed by Apollo near Delphi. The name then became one of his epithets.
Benignus - Late Latin name meaning "kind."
Fl?via - Portuguese form of Roman Latin Flavia, meaning "yellow hair."
Egzon - Albanian name meaning "enjoyment."
Elanor - From the name of a Tolkien character, meaning "star sun."
Shantel - Variant spelling of English Chantel, meaning "stony place."
Curstaidh - Pet form of Scottish Gaelic Cairistìona, meaning "believer" or "follower of Christ."
Saveliy - Russian name meaning "Sabine; a follower of another religion."
Azariah - Anglicized form of Aramaic/Hebrew Azarya, meaning "help of God." In the bible, this is the name of several characters, including one of the three young men thrown into the fiery furnace by Nebuchadnezzar.
Kani - Hawaiian name meaning "sound."
Miranda - English Shakespearean name, derived from Latin mirandus, meaning"worthy of admiration." 
Chanowk - Hebrew name meaning "dedicated" or "initiated." In the bible, this is the name of the eldest son of Cain, and a son of Jared the father of Methuselah. Enoch is the Anglicized form.
Vladim?ra - Feminine form of Czech/Slovak Vladimír, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Shelley - English surname transferred to unisex forename use, derived from the name of various places meaning "clearing near a ledge/slope."
Astarot - In demonology, this is the name of a Prince of Hell, meaning "leading one" or "the chief." He is depicted in the Dictionnaire Infernal as a nude man with dragon-like wings, hands and feet, a second pair of feathered wings, and a crown. He is holding a serpent in one hand while riding a wolf-like beast. Compare with feminine Astaroth.
Savva - Russian form of Spanish Sabas, meaning "old man."
Mirza - Persian name meaning "prince."
Neschume - User submitted name of a vessel. It is the Yiddish wordfor "soul."
Zevi - Variant spelling of Hebrew Tzevi, meaning "deer, gazelle."
Annikki - Finnish form of Swedish Annika, meaning "favor; grace."
Katey - Variant spelling of English Katie, meaning "pure."
Meredith - English unisex name derived from Welsh Meredydd, probably meaning "sea day" or "sea sun."
Darius - Latin form of Greek Dareios, meaning "possesses a lot, wealthy." In the bible, this is the name of several characters including Darius the Mede, son of Ahasuerus, king of the Chaldeans.
Sharon - Anglicized form of Hebrew Sharown, meaning "plain, level ground." In the bible, this is the name of a valley in Palestine. The name is sometimes given because of its association with the flowering shrub called Rose of Sharon. 
Elena - Italian and Spanish form of Greek Helénē, possibly meaning "torch."
Adonijah - Anglicized form of Hebrew Adoniyah, meaning "my Lord is Jehovah." In the bible, this is the name of the fourth son of David, and a couple of other characters.
Lachlan - Variant spelling of Scottish Gaelic Lachlann, meaning "lake-land." 
Tano - Chamoru name meaning "land." 
Adallina - English variant spelling of Italian Adelina, meaning "noble."
Sunny - English unisex name derived from the vocabulary word, meaning "cheerful, sunny."
Anesa - Danish form of Greek Hagne, meaning "chaste; holy."
Abellona - Danish form of Latin Apollonia, meaning "of Apollo."
Titaia - Greek name, said to be cognate with Sanskrit tithá, "fire," from Aryan tith, "to burn." In mythology, this is the name of the mother of the Titans who were named after her; therefore possibly another name for Gaia (Earth). 
Sebastiano - Italian form of Latin Sebastianus, meaning "from Sebaste."
Ilaria - Feminine form of Italian Ilario, meaning "joyful; happy." 
Makedon - A contracted form of Greek Makednos, meaning "the high/tall one."
Basak - Turkish name meaning "wheat."
Sulo - Finnish name derived from the word sulo, meaning "charm, grace."
Elov - Variant spelling of Swedish Elof, meaning "ever-heir."
Asherah - Hebrew name meaning "groves (for idol worship)" or "blessed, fortunate." In the bible, this is the Hebrew name for the Babylonian-Canaanite goddess Astarte. It is also the name for her images and sacred trees or poles used for worshiping her. 
Ragnhild - Scandinavian form of Old Norse Ragnhildr, meaning "battle counsel."
Antuan - English variant spelling of French Antoine, possibly meaning "invaluable." 
Taylor - English occupational surname transferred to unisex forename use, meaning "cutter of cloth, tailor."
Santuzza - Pet form of Italian Santa, meaning "holy."