Meaning name Zorione



Meaning name Zorione
Feminine form of Basque unisex Zorion,meaning"happiness." 
Zora (serbian - Зора):  Feminine form of Serbian Zoran,meaning "light of dawn." 
Zoria - Variant spelling of Slavic Zaria, meaning "morning star" or "sunrise." 
Zorion - Basque unisex name meaning "happiness."
Zoran - Serbian name meaning "light of dawn."
Zoravar - Armenian name meaning "powerful."
Zorion - Basque unisex name meaning "happiness."
Zoroaster - Variant spelling of Latin Zoroastres, meaning "pure as the stars."
ZŌroÁstrĒs - Greek form of Persian Zartosht (Avestan Zarathustra) ("he whose camels are angry"), but composed of astra "stars" and zoros "undiluted," hence "pure as the stars."
Zoroastres - Latin form of Greek Zōroástrēs, meaning "pure as the stars."
Zorobabel - Greek form of Hebrew Zerubbabel, meaning "born at Babylon" or "scattered to Babylon." In the bible, this is the name of the leader of the first of the returning exiles.