Meaning name Ya



Meaning name Ya
Chinese name meaning "graceful, sophisticated."
Yaa (hebrew - יָאָה):  African Akan name meaning "born onThursday."
Yachne - Yiddish form of Hebrew Yochana, meaning "God is gracious." 
Yael - Hebrew name meaning "chamois," "ibex," or "mountain goat." In the bible, this is the name of the wife of Heber the Kenite who killed general Sisera, an enemy of the Israelites.
Yafa - Sumerian form of Hebrew Yaffa, meaning "beautiful."
Yaffa - Hebrew name meaning "beautiful." 
Yaffit - Variant form of Hebrew Yaffa, meaning "beautiful."
YaĞmur - Turkish name meaning"rain."
Yaminah - Arabic name meaning"suitable; proper." 
Yamka - Native American Hopi name meaning "blossom."
Yan - Chinese name meaning 1) "mist, smoke," and 2) "swallow (bird)," and 3) "voluptuous."