Meaning name Wendelin



Meaning name Wendelin
Diminutive form of Old High German Wendel, meaning"a Wend; a wanderer," a term used torefer to migrant Slavs in the sixth century. 
Wen - Chinese unisex name meaning 1) "warm," or 2)"refined."
Wenda - Variant form of English Wendy, meaning "friend."
Wendi - Variant spelling of English Wendy, meaning "friend."
Wendy - From the name of a J. M. Barrie character, derived from a pet name, fwendy, meaning "friend."
Wenling - Chinese name meaning "warm mountain."
Wenona - English variant spelling of Native American Dakota Winona, meaning "firstborn daughter."
Wenonah - Variant spelling of English Wenona, meaning "firstborn daughter."
Wenqian - Chinese name meaning "refined and modest."
Wen - Chinese unisex name meaning 1) "warm," or 2) "refined."
Wenceslas - Contracted form of Latin Wenceslaus, meaning "more glory."