Meaning name Ud



Meaning name Ud
Hebrew name meaning "firebrand."
Udaberri - Basque name meaning "summer new," i.e. "spring."
Udane - Basque name meaning "summer."
Udara - Basque name meaning "summer."
Udazken - Basque name meaning "summer last," i.e. "autumn."
Udia - Variant spelling of Hebrew Udiya, meaning "fire of God."
Udiya - Hebrew name meaning "ember (or fire) of God."
Udo - African Igbo unisex name meaning "peace." Compare with strictly masculine Udo.
Udalrico - Variant spelling of Italian Ulderico, meaning "merciful ruler."
Udi - Pet form of Hebrew Ehuwd, meaning "joining together, united."
Udiel - Hebrew name meaning "torch of the Lord."