Meaning name Suse



Meaning name Suse
  Pet form of English Susannah, meaning "lily."
Susan - Short form of English Susannah, meaning "lily."
Susana - Variant spelling of Latin Susanna, meaning "lily." In use by the Italians, Portuguese and Spanish.
Susanita - Spanish pet form of Latin Susana, meaning "lily."
Susann - Swedish form of Scandinavian Susanna, meaning "lily."
Susanna -   Latin form of Greek Sousánna, meaning "lily." In the bible, this is the name of a woman who ministered to Christ. 
Susanne - German form of Latin Susanna, meaning "lily."
Sushila - Feminine form of Hindi Sushil, meaning "good conduct."
Susie - Pet form of English Susannah, meaning "lily."
Susumu - Japanese name meaning "progressing."
Sushil - Hindi name composed of the Sanskrit elements su "good" and sila "conduct," hence "good conduct."