Meaning name Soraya



Meaning name Soraya
Variant form of Arabic Thurayya, meaning the "Pleiades." 
Sora - Japanese unisex name meaning "sky."
Sorcha - Gaelic name meaning "radiant." In use by the Irish and Scottish.
Sorina - Feminine form of Romanian Sorin, meaning "sun."
Sorkunde - Basque name meaning "conception."
Sorne - Basque name meaning "conception."
Sorrel - English unisex name derived from the name of a perennial herb, "sorrel," from Old French surele, from Frankish *sur, meaning "sour." 
Sora - Japanese unisex name meaning "sky."
SÖren - Icelandic form of Roman Latin Severinus, meaning "stern."
Sorin - Romanian name derived from the word soare, meaning "sun."
Sorley - Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Somhairle, meaning "summer traveler."