Meaning name Simonides



Meaning name Simonides
Greek name composed of the elements simós "flat- or snub-nosed" and eidos "kind, type, hence "snub-nosed type."
Sima (aramaic - סִימָה, Hindi: सीमा):  Aramaic unisex name meaning "treasure." 
Sİmge - Turkish name meaning "symbol."
Simin - Persian name meaning "silvery."
Simisola - African Yoruba name meaning "rest in wealth."
Simona - Feminine form of Italian Simone, meaning "hearkening."
Šimona - Feminine form of Czech Šimon, meaning "hearkening."
Simone -   Feminine form of Finnish Simo, meaning "hearkening."
Simonette - Pet form of French Simone, meaning "hearkening."
Simza -  Possibly a Romani feminine form of Hebrew unisex Simcha, meaning "joy."
Sim - Short form of English Simon, meaning "hearkening."