Meaning name Simeon



Meaning name Simeon
Anglicized form of Greek Symeon, meaning "hearkening." In the bible, this is the name of several characters, including the second son of Jacob and Leah. 
Sima (aramaic - סִימָה, Hindi: सीमा):  Aramaic unisex name meaning "treasure." 
Sİmge - Turkish name meaning "symbol."
Simin - Persian name meaning "silvery."
Simisola - African Yoruba name meaning "rest in wealth."
Simona - Feminine form of Italian Simone, meaning "hearkening."
Šimona - Feminine form of Czech Šimon, meaning "hearkening."
Simone -   Feminine form of Finnish Simo, meaning "hearkening."
Simonette - Pet form of French Simone, meaning "hearkening."
Simza -  Possibly a Romani feminine form of Hebrew unisex Simcha, meaning "joy."
Sim - Short form of English Simon, meaning "hearkening."