Meaning name Shiva



Meaning name Shiva
Hindi myth name of one of the Trimurti, meaning "the destroyer." Śiva means "auspicious" and is an epithet of several deities. In Tamil, śiva means "red." The other two Trimurti are Brahma "the creator" and Vishnu "the preserver." 
Shibah - Hebrew name meaning "oath" or "seven." In the bible, this is the name of a well named by Isaac.
Shideezhi - Native American Navajo name meaning "younger sister."
Shifra (hebrew - שִׁפְרָה):  Aramaic name meaning "trumpet."
Shigeko - Japanese name meaning "luxuriant child."
Shihong - Chinese name meaning "the world is red."
Shika - Japanese name meaning "deer."
Shikoba - Native American Choctaw unisex name meaning "feather."
Shima - Native American Navajo name meaning "mother."
Shimasani - Native American Navajo name meaning "grandmother."
Shinju - Japanese name meaning "pearl."