Meaning name Sennacherib



Meaning name Sennacherib
Anglicized form of Hebrew Cancheriyb, meaning "Sin (the moon god) has taken the place of brothers to me." In the bible, this is the name of a king of Assyria, son of Sargon II.
Sence - Variant spelling of Medieval Spanish Sens, meaning "holy."
Senga - Scottish name, probably derived from the Gaelic word seang, meaning "slender."
Senja - Finnish form of Russian Kseniya, meaning "stranger, foreigner," but sometimes rendered "hospitable (esp. to foreigners)."
Senka - Serbian name meaning "shadow."
Senora - Chamoru name meaning "lady."
Sens - Medieval variant form of Spanish Sanchia, meaning "holy." 
Senta - Pet form of German Kreszentia, meaning "to spring up, grow, thrive."
Senan - Variant spelling of Irish Seanán, meaning "little wise one."
Sender - Yiddish form of English Alexander, meaning "defender of mankind."
Sendoa - Basque name meaning "strong."