Meaning name Seanán



Meaning name Seanán
Irish name composed of the Gaelic word sean "old, wise" and a diminutive suffix, hence "little wise one."
Seanna - Feminine form of English Sean, meaning "God is gracious."
SÉarlait - Feminine form of Irish Séarlas, meaning "man."
Seachlainn - Irish Gaelic form of Roman Latin Secundinus, meaning "second." 
Seachnall - Older form of Irish Gaelic Seachlainn, meaning "second."
Seaghdh - Old Gaelic byname of uncertain derivation, possibly meaning "hawk-like." 
SÉaghdha - Traditional Irish name derived from the Gaelic byname Seaghdh, possibly meaning "hawk-like."
SÉamas - Modern form of Irish Gaelic Séamus, meaning "supplanter."
Seamour - Variant spelling of English Seymour, meaning "St. Maurus."
SÉamus - Irish Gaelic form of Latin Jacomus, meaning "supplanter."
SeÁn - Irish Gaelic form of French Jean (English John), meaning "God is gracious."