Meaning name Sanford



Meaning name Sanford
English surname transferred to forename use, from the name of numerous places composed of the Old English elements sand "sand" and ford "ford," hence "sandy river crossing."
Sana - Arabic name meaning "radiance."
Sanaz -   Persian name meaning "full of grace."
Sanchia - Variant spelling of Spanish Sancha, meaning "holy."
Sanda - Feminine form of Romanian Sandu, meaning "defender of mankind."
Sandhya - Hindi name meaning "twilight."
Sandie - English pet form of Latin Alexandra, meaning "defender of mankind."
Sandra -  Short form of Italian Alessandra, meaning "defender of mankind."
Sandrine - Short form of French Alexandrine, meaning "defender of mankind."
Sandy - English unisex pet form of Latin Alexandra and English Alexander, both meaning "defender of mankind."
Sang - Vietnamese unisex name meaning "noble."