Meaning name Sé



Meaning name Sé
Short form of Irish Gaelic Séaghdha, possibly meaning "hawk-like."
Seanna - Feminine form of English Sean, meaning "God is gracious."
SÉarlait - Feminine form of Irish Séarlas, meaning "man."
Sebastiana - Feminine form of Italian Sebastiano, meaning "from Sebaste," a town in Asia Minor. 
SÉbastienne - Feminine form of French Sébastien, meaning "from Sebaste," a town in Asia Minor. 
Şebnem - Turkish form of Persian Shabnam, meaning "dew."
Seda - Chamoru name meaning "silk."
Seema (hindi - सीमा):  Variant spelling of Latin Cyma, meaning "sprout" or "wave."
Seetha - Variant spelling of Hindi Sita, meaning "furrow."
Seija - Finnish name derived from the word seijas, meaning "serene."
Sela - Anglicized form of Hebrew Cela, meaning "a rock." In the Old Testament bible, this is the name of the capital city of Edom, possibly an early name for Petra. In use as a unisex name.