Meaning name Ru



Meaning name Ru
Chinese name meaning "scholar" or "follower of Confucius."
Ruba - Arabic name meaning "hill."
Rubena - Esperanto name meaning "like a ruby."
Rubie - Variant spelling of English Ruby, meaning "ruby."
Rubina - Elaborated form of English Ruby, meaning "ruby."
Ruby - English name derived from the name of the precious stone, from Latin ruber, meaning "red." This is the birthstone for July. Compare with masculine Ruby. 
Rubye - Variant spelling of English Ruby, meaning "red" or "ruby."
Ruchel - Yiddish form of Hebrew Rachel, meaning "ewe."
Rudo - African Shona unisex name meaning "love."
Rufaro - African Shona name meaning "happiness."
Rufina - Feminine form of Roman Rufinus, meaning "red-haired."