Meaning name Rozenn



Meaning name Rozenn
Breton name meaning "rose."
Roz - Short form of English Rosalind, meaning "weak horse." 
RÓŻa - Polish form of Russian Roza, meaning "rose."
RÓza - Variant spelling of Hungarian Rózsa, meaning "rose."
Roza - Russian name meaning "rose."
Rozabela - Esperanto name meaning "rose-beautiful."
Rozafa - Albanian name derived from the name of a castle in Shkodra, which was named after a young woman who was walled up inside of it. The name is probably "rose"-related.
Rozafati - Variant form of Albanian Rozafa, which is probably a "rose"-related name.
RozÁlia - Hungarian form of Latin Rosalia, meaning "rose."
Rozalija - Lithuanian and Slovene form of Latin Rosalia, meaning "rose."
Rozanne - Variant spelling of English Rosanne, meaning "rose of grace."