Meaning name Romulus



Meaning name Romulus
Roman Latin name meaning "from Rome." In mythology, this is the name of the brother of Remus. According to legend, Romulus and Remus were the founders of Rome.
Roma - Hebrew name meaning "exalted, lofty." 
Romaine - Feminine form of French Romain, meaning "Roman."
Romana - Feminine form of Italian Romano, meaning "Roman." 
Romayne - English form of French Romaine, meaning "Roman."
Romey - Variant spelling of German Romy, meaning "rose" and "obstinate, rebellious."
Romhilda - Lombardic Italian name composed of the Germanic elements hrom "fame" and hild "battle," hence "famous battle."
Romilda - Variant spelling of Lombardic Italian Romhilda, meaning "famous battle."
Romola - Feminine form of Italian Romolo, meaning "from Rome."
Romy - Pet form of German Rosemarie, meaning "rose" and "obstinate, rebellious."
Romain - French form of Latin Romanus, meaning "Roman."