Meaning name Regula



Meaning name Regula
Feminine form of Roman Latin Regulus, meaning "rule."
Regan - English Shakespearian name, possibly derived from the Irish Gaelic word ríogan, meaning "queen."
Regana - Elaborated form of English Regan, meaning "queen." 
Regena - English variant spelling of Latin Regina, meaning "queen."
Regina - Latin name meaning "queen." 
RÉgine - French form of Latin Regina, meaning "queen."
Reg - Short form of English Reginald, meaning "wise ruler."
Reggie - Pet form of English Reginald, meaning "wise ruler."
Reginald - English name derived from Latin Reginaldus, meaning "wise ruler."
Reginaldus - Latin form of Frankish German Raginwald, meaning "wise ruler."
Reginar - German name composed of the elements ragin "advice, decision" and hari "army, warrior," hence "wise warrior."