Meaning name Rajan



Meaning name Rajan
Hindi name meaning "king."
Raja - Arabic name meaning "hope."
Rajani - Hindi name meaning "night." In mythology, this is another name of the goddess Kali.
Rajiya - Arabic name meaning "hopeful."
Rajni - Hindi name meaning "queen."
Rajya - Hindi form of Arabic Rajiya, meaning "hopeful."
Raj - Hindi name meaning "king."
Rajanikant - Hindi name meaning "lord of night."
Rajeev - Variant spelling of Hindi Rajiv, a name for a "lotus flower," derived from the Sanskrit word rajiv, meaning "striped." 
Rajender - Variant spelling of Hindi Rajendra, meaning "king-Indra."
Rajendra - Hindi name composed of the Sanskrit word raj "king" and the name of the god Indra, hence "king-Indra."