Meaning name Raiden



Meaning name Raiden
Japanese myth name of a god of thunder, meaning "thunder and lightning."
RÁichÉal - Irish form of Hebrew Rachel, meaning "ewe."
Raimonda - Feminine form of Italian Raimondo, meaning "wise protector."
Raimunda - Feminine form of Spanish Ramón, meaning "wise protector."
Raimunde - Feminine form of Norman French Raimund, meaning "wise protector."
Rain - Modern English name, either derived from from the vocabulary word, or a revival of the medieval English personal name Rayne, meaning "queen." Compare with masculine Rain.
Raina (yiddish - רֵיינָא): Chamoru name meaning "queen."
Raisa (arabic - رئيسة, Russian: Раи́са, Yiddish: רֵייזָא):  Feminine form of Arabic Rais, meaning "chief, leader."
Raisel - Diminutive form of Yiddish Raise ("rose"), hence "little rose."
Rai - Chamoru name meaning "king."
Raibeart - Scottish Gaelic form of Norman French Robert, meaning "bright fame."