Meaning name Radcliff



Meaning name Radcliff
English surname transferred to forename use, from the name of various places composed of the Old English elements read "red" and clif "cliff, slope, riverbank," hence "red cliff."
Rada - Bulgarian and Russian name derived from the Slavic element rad, meaning "happy."
Radelle - French name of German origin, meaning "counsel."
Radha - Hindi name meaning "successful." In mythology, this is the name of a lover of Krishna.
Radhika - Hindi name meaning "fulfiller of desires." In mythology, this is an epithet belonging to Radha. 
Radinka - Russian equivalent of French Radelle, meaning "counsel."
Radka - Feminine form of Bulgarian Radko, meaning "happy."
Radmila - Feminine form of Serbian Radmilo, meaning "happy favor."
Radojka - Serbian name meaning "joy."
RadomiŁa - Feminine form of Polish Radomił, meaning "happy favor."
Radomila - Feminine form of Czech Radomil, meaning "happy favor."