Meaning name Praxiteles



Meaning name Praxiteles
Greek name composed of the elements praxis "action, exercise, practice," and telos "aim, goal."
Praise - English name derived from the vocabulary word, "praise," from Old French preisier, from Late Latin preciare, meaning "price," hence "to value."
Pranvera - Albanian name meaning "spring."
Prapion - Armenian name meaning "tube rose."
Praskoviya - Russian form of Greek Paraskeve, meaning "preparation."
Pratibha - Hindi name meaning "talented."
Pratima - Hindi name meaning "idol, statue." 
Prabhakar - Hindi name meaning "light-maker; sun." 
Prabhat - Hindi name meaning "dawn."
Prabhu - Hindi name meaning "creator; powerful."
Prabodh - Hindi name meaning "good advice."