Meaning name Poloma



Meaning name Poloma
Native American Choctaw name meaning "bow."
Polikwaptiwa - Native American Hopi name meaning "butterfly sitting on a flower."
Polina - Short form of Russian Apollinariya, meaning "of Apollo."
Pollie - Variant spelling of English Polly, meaning "obstinacy, rebelliousness" or "their rebellion." 
Polly -  Alternate form of English Molly, "obstinacy, rebelliousness" or "their rebellion." The reason for the change from "M" to "P" is not known.
Pollyanna - English compound name composed of Polly "obstinate, rebellious" and Anna "favor, grace."
Pololena - Hawaiian form of English/French Florence, meaning "blossoming."
Polona - Short form of Greek Apollonia, meaning "of Apollo." 
Polonija - Short form of Slovene Apolonija, meaning "of Apollo."
Polyhymnia - Latin form of Greek Polymnia, meaning "very musical" or "many hymns."
Polymnia - Greek name composed of the elements polys "much" and hymnos "hymn, song," hence "very musical" or "many hymns." In mythology, this is the name of the muse of dance and sacred hymns.