Meaning name Poldi



Meaning name Poldi
  Pet form of German Luitpold, meaning "people-bold."
Polikwaptiwa - Native American Hopi name meaning "butterfly sitting on a flower."
Polina - Short form of Russian Apollinariya, meaning "of Apollo."
Pollie - Variant spelling of English Polly, meaning "obstinacy, rebelliousness" or "their rebellion." 
Polly -  Alternate form of English Molly, "obstinacy, rebelliousness" or "their rebellion." The reason for the change from "M" to "P" is not known.
Pollyanna - English compound name composed of Polly "obstinate, rebellious" and Anna "favor, grace."
Pololena - Hawaiian form of English/French Florence, meaning "blossoming."
Poloma - Native American Choctaw name meaning "bow."
Polona - Short form of Greek Apollonia, meaning "of Apollo." 
Polonija - Short form of Slovene Apolonija, meaning "of Apollo."
Polyhymnia - Latin form of Greek Polymnia, meaning "very musical" or "many hymns."