Meaning name Piritta



Meaning name Piritta
Finnish form of Latin Brigitta, meaning "exalted one."
Piri - Pet form of Hungarian Piroska, meaning "ancient."
Pirjo - Pet form of Finnish Piritta, meaning "exalted one."
Pirkitta - Finnish form of Scandinavian Birgitta, meaning "exalted one."
Pirkko - Pet form of Finnish Pirkitta, meaning "exalted one."
Piroska - Hungarian form of Roman Latin Prisca, meaning "ancient."
Piran - Proto-Celtic form of Irish Ciarán, meaning "little black one." In use by the Cornish.
Piripi - Maori form of Latin Philippus, meaning "lover of horses."
Piruz - Persian name meaning "victorious."