Meaning name Pietari



Meaning name Pietari
Finnish form of Greek Petros, meaning "rock, stone."
Piedad - Spanish name meaning "mercy."
Piera - Feminine form of Italian Piero, meaning "rock, stone."
Pierina - Pet form of Italian Piera, meaning "rock, stone."
Pierrette - Feminine form of French Pierre, meaning "rock, stone."
Pietrina - Feminine form of Italian Pietro, meaning "rock, stone."
Pietronella - Italian form of Latin Petronilla, meaning "little rock."
Piety - English name derived from the vocabulary word, meaning "piety."
Pier - Dutch form of Latin Petrus, meaning "rock, stone."
Pierce - Variant spelling of English Piers, meaning "rock, stone."
Piero - Italian form of Latin Petrus, meaning "rock, stone."