Meaning name Patroklos



Meaning name Patroklos
Greek name composed of the elements patros "of the father" and kleos "glory," hence "glory of the father." In mythology, this is the name of the best friend of Achilles. Both were heroes who fought against the Trojans.
Pat - English unisex short form of English Patrick and Latin Patricia, meaning "patrician; of noble birth."
Patience - A Christian virtue name, derived from the English vocabulary word, patience, from Latin pati, meaning "to suffer." The Puritans considered it virtuous "to suffer" misfortune and persecution without complaint or loss of faith. 
Patil - Armenian name meaning "snowflake."
Patli -  Nahuatlunisex name meaning"medicine."
Patricia - Feminine form of Latin Patricius, meaning "patrician; of noble birth."
Patrizia - Feminine form of Italian Patrizio, meaning "patrician; of noble birth."
Patrycja - Feminine form of Polish Patryk, meaning "patrician; of noble birth."
Patsy - English unisex name meaning "patrician; of noble birth." It is a pet form of both English Patrick and Latin Patricia. 
Patti - Variant spelling of English Pattie, meaning "patrician; of noble birth."
Pattie - Variant spelling of English Patty, meaning "patrician; of noble birth."