Meaning name Pasha



Meaning name Pasha
Russian pet form of Czech/Russian Pavel, meaning "small."
Pascale - Feminine form of French Pascal, meaning "Passover; Easter."
Pascaline - Pet form of French Pascale, meaning "Passover; Easter."
Pascuala - Feminine form of Spanish Pascual, meaning "Passover; Easter."
Pasqualina - Feminine form of Italian Pasqualino, meaning "Passover; Easter."
Pastora - Feminine form of Spanish Pastor, meaning "shepherd."
Pascal - French name derived from Latin Paschalis, meaning "Passover; Easter." This name was popular with early Christians, mainly given to sons born at Easter time.
Paschal - Variant spelling of French Pascal, meaning "Passover; Easter."
Paschalis - Late Latin name derived from the word Pascha, from Hebrew Pesach ("Passover"), hence "Passover; Easter."
Pasco - Cornish form of French Pascal, meaning "Passover; Easter."
Pascoal - Portuguese form of Latin Paschalis, meaning "Passover; Easter."