Meaning name Pëllumb



Meaning name Pëllumb
Albanian name meaning "dove."
Pelageya - Russian form of Greek Pelagia, meaning "of the sea."
Pelagia - Feminine form of Greek Pelagios, meaning "of the sea."
Pele - Hawaiian myth name of the goddess of dance, fire, lightning, violence, and volcanoes, meaning "lava." She is said to sometimes appear to people, resembling either a beautiful young woman or a frail old woman. Signs of her presence are fine golden strands of volcanic glass said to be her hair, or droplets of lava said to be her tears.
Pellervo - Finnish unisex name meaning "field." It is another name for the harvest god Sampsa.
Pelagios - Greek name derived from the word pelagos ("the sea"), meaning "of the sea."
Pelagius - Latin form of Greek Pelagios, meaning "of the sea."
Peleke - Hawaiian form of English Frederick, meaning "peaceful ruler."
Peli - Basque form of Latin Felix, meaning "happy" or "lucky."
Pelle - Swedish pet form of Scandinavian Per, meaning "rock, stone."
Pellegrino - Italian form of Latin Peregrinus, meaning "wanderer."