Meaning name Ottokar



Meaning name Ottokar
German form of Gothic Odovacar, meaning "watchful of wealth."
Ottalie - Swedish form of German Ottilia, meaning "wealthy."
Ottavia - Feminine form of Italian Ottavio, meaning "eighth."
Otthild - German name composed of the elements od "fortune, wealth" and hild "battle," hence "battle of fortune." This name was given to an asteroid discovered by Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth in Heidelberg, Germany on March 18, 1923. 
Ottila - Variant spelling of German Ottilia, meaning "wealthy."
Ottilia - Feminine form of German Otto, meaning "wealthy."
Ottilie - Variant spelling of Swedish Ottalie, meaning "wealthy."
Ottoline - Pet form of German Ottilia, meaning "wealthy."
Ottah - Egyptian name meaning "born third."
Ottaviano - Italian form of Roman Latin Octavianus, meaning "eighth."
Ottavio - Italian form of Roman Latin Octavius, meaning "eighth."