Meaning name Olivier



Meaning name Olivier
Of Norman French origin, thus ultimately of Germanic origin, probably from German Alfihar, meaning "elf army." The name was first used as a character name in the French epic La Chanson de Roland.
Oliana - Hawaiian name meaning "oleander."
Olimpia - Older spelling of Greek Olympia, meaning "of Olympus." 
Olina - Hawaiian name meaning "joyous."
Olive - English name derived from the tree name, "olive," from Latin oliva, from Greek elaia, the name of a Mediterranean fruit-bearing evergreen tree. The name was popular in the 19th century because the olive branch has been a symbol of "peace" since biblical times.
Olivette - Pet form of English Olive, meaning "olive tree."
Olivia - English name created by Shakespeare who may have intended it to be a feminine form of Oliver, probably meaning "elf army."
OlÍvia - Portuguese form of English Olivia, probably meaning "elf army."
Olivie - Feminine form of French Olivier, probably meaning "elf army."
Oliwia - Polish form of English Olivia, probably meaning "elf army." 
Oli - Short form of English Oliver, probably meaning "elf army."