Meaning name Neriya



Meaning name Neriya
Hebrew name meaning "light of the Lord." In the bible, this is the name of the father of Baruch.
Nere - Basque name meaning "mine."
Nerea - Variant form of Basque Nere, meaning "mine."
Nereida - Latin name derived from Greek Nereis, the name of the sea sprites fathered by Nereus, meaning "nymph, sea sprite."
Nereza - Variant spelling of Italian Nerezza, meaning "darkness." 
Nerezza - Modern Italian name derived from the word nerezza, meaning "darkness." 
Nergis - Turkish name meaning "daffodil."
Nerida - Variant spelling of Latin Nereida, meaning "nymph, sea sprite." 
Nerina - Feminine form of Italian Nerio, meaning "water."
Nerine - Feminine form of Greek Nereus, meaning "daughter of Nereus" or "sea sprite" or "wet one." It is also the name of a genus of plants native to South Africa but now spread worldwide. It is a bulb plant that produces beautiful pink funnel-shaped flowers in the fall, similar to the Belladonna Lily, though smaller. In use by the English.
Nerissa - English Shakespeare creation, derived from Greek Nereis, meaning "nymph, sea sprite."