Meaning name Néill



Meaning name Néill
Variant form of Irish Gaelic Niall, meaning "champion."
Neile - Feminine form of English Neil, meaning "champion." 
Neilina - Pet form of English Neile, meaning "champion." In use by the Scottish.
Neith - Egyptian name meaning either "water" or "weaver." In mythology, this is the name of a mother goddess, the personification of the waters of life.
Neifion - Welsh form of Latin Neptune, probably meaning "moist, wet."
Neil - Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Niall, arrived at this form via Norman French Nel, meaning "champion." 
Neill - Variant spelling of English Neil, meaning "champion."
Neirin - Older form of Welsh Aneirin, possibly derived from a word related to Irish Gaelic nár, meaning "modest, noble." Neirin ap Dwywei was the name of the Welsh poet who wrote the Book of Aneirin and Y Gododdin.