Meaning name Muna


Meaning name Muna
Aramaic name meaning "counted, numbered." 

Muna (arabic - منى):  Native American Hopi name meaning "overflowing spring."
Munira - Feminine form of Arabic Munir, meaning "bright, shining."
Munashe - African Shona unisex name meaning "with God."
Mundoo - Native American Algonquinname for the "Great Spirit," but it was applied to "the devil" by the first Christianmissionaries.
Munga - Older form of Scottish Mungo, possibly meaning "dearest friend."
Mungo - Old Scottish pet name derived from Brythonic my-nghu, meaning "dear one." It was recorded in Latin in the 6th century as carissimus amicus, meaning "dearest friend." 
Munir - Arabic name meaning "bright, shining."
Munro - Irish surname transferred to forename use, derived from Monadh Roe or Mont Roe, meaning "from the mount on the river Roe." This is the name from which Scottish Monroe was derived.
Munroe - Variant spelling of Irish Munro, meaning "from the mount on the river Roe."