Meaning name Mirjeta



Meaning name Mirjeta
Albanian name composed of the elements mire "good," and jete "life," hence "good life."
Mira (hindi - मीरा):  Chamoru name meaning "wonderful."
Mirabella - Latin name derived from the word mirabilis, meaning "wonderful." 
Mirabelle - French form of Latin Mirabella, meaning "wonderful."
Miracle - English name derived from the vocabulary word, from Latin miraculum, meaning "marvel, wonder."
Miranda - English Shakespearean name, derived from Latin mirandus, meaning"worthy of admiration." 
Mirari - Basque name meaning "miracle."
Mireia - Catalan and Spanish form of French Provençal Mireio, meaning "to admire."
Mireille - Pet form of French Provençal Mireio, meaning "to admire."
Mireio - French Provençal name, probably derived from the word mirar, meaning "to admire."
Mirele - Yiddish form of Hebrew Miryam, meaning "obstinacy, rebelliousness" or "their rebellion."