Meaning name Minty



Meaning name Minty
Pet form of English Minta, meaning "mint." 
Mina -   Chamoru name meaning "mine."
Mindy - Pet form of English Melinda, meaning "black/dark serpent" or "sweet serpent." 
Mine - Short form of German Wilhelmine, meaning "will-helmet."
Minerva - Roman name, possibly derived from Latin mens, meaning "intellect." In mythology, this is the name of a goddess of wisdom and war. Equated with Greek Athene.
Ming -  Chinese unisex name meaning 1) "bright, clear" and 2) "engrave."
Mingxia - Chinese name meaning "bright heroine.
Mingyu - Chinese name meaning "bright jade."
Minna - Variant spelling of German Mina, meaning "will-helmet."
Minnie - Pet form of German Wilhelmina, meaning "will-helmet."
Minoo - Persian name meaning "heaven, paradise."