Meaning name Maxine

Meaning name Maxine

Feminine form of English Max, meaning either "the greatest rival" or "the stream of Mack." 

Maxene - Variant spelling of English Maxine, meaning either "the greatest rival" or "the stream of Mack." 
Maximilienne - Feminine form of French Maximilien, meaning "the greatest rival."
Max - English short form of both Latin Maximilian "the greatest rival" and Scottish Maxwell "the stream of Mack." 
Maxen - Welsh form of Latin Maxim, meaning "the greatest rival."
Maxence - French form or Roman Latin Maxentius, meaning "the greatest."
Maxentius - Roman name derived from the Latin word maximus, meaning "the greatest."
Maxim (russian - Максим):  Short form of Latin Maximilian, meaning "the greatest rival."
Maximian - Roman name derived from Latin Maximus, meaning "the greatest." 
Maximiano - Portuguese and Spanish form of Roman Latin Maximian, meaning "the greatest."
Maximilian - Short form of Latin Maximilianus, meaning "the greatest rival." In use by the English and Germans.

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