Meaning name Maximilianus



Meaning name Maximilianus
Roman name coined by Emperor Frederick III for his son, created by blending Latin Maximus, "the greatest," and Æmilianus "rival," hence "the greatest rival."
Maxene - Variant spelling of English Maxine, meaning either "the greatest rival" or "the stream of Mack." 
Maximilienne - Feminine form of French Maximilien, meaning "the greatest rival."
Maxine - Feminine form of English Max, meaning either "the greatest rival" or "the stream of Mack." 
Max - English short form of both Latin Maximilian "the greatest rival" and Scottish Maxwell "the stream of Mack." 
Maxen - Welsh form of Latin Maxim, meaning "the greatest rival."
Maxence - French form or Roman Latin Maxentius, meaning "the greatest."
Maxentius - Roman name derived from the Latin word maximus, meaning "the greatest."
Maxim (russian - Максим):  Short form of Latin Maximilian, meaning "the greatest rival."
Maximian - Roman name derived from Latin Maximus, meaning "the greatest." 
Maximiano - Portuguese and Spanish form of Roman Latin Maximian, meaning "the greatest."