Meaning name Maoilmhín



Meaning name Maoilmhín
Old Irish Gaelic name meaning "gentle chieftain."
Mao(矛) - Chinese name meaning "lance, spear."
MaodhÓg - Modern form of Old Irish Gaelic Maedóc, "my dear Áedh."
Maoileachlainn - Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Maeleachlainn, meaning "devotee of Seachlainn."
Maoilios - Scottish Gaelic name meaning "servant of Jesus." 
Maolgfhoghmhair - Old Irish Gaelic name meaning "chief of harvest."
Maol-maodhÓg - Modern Gaelic form of Old Irish Mael-Maedóc, meaning "devotee of Maedóc." 
Maolseachlainn - Irish name composed of the Gaelic word mael "devotee" and the personal name Seachlainn, hence "devotee of Seachlainn."