Meaning name Makary


Meaning name Makary
Polish form of Greek Makarios, meaning "blessed."

Maka - Native American Sioux name meaning "earth."
Makala - Hawaiian name meaning "myrtle."
Makatza - Basque name meaning "untamed; wild."
Makawee - Native American Sioux name meaning "mothering."
Makayla - Variant spelling of English Michaela, meaning "who is like God?"
Makeda - Variant spelling of English Makkedah, meaning "place of shepherds." 
Makelina - Hawaiian form of Latin Magdalena, meaning "of Magdala."
Makena - African Kikuyu name meaning "happy one."
Makenna - Variant spelling of English Mckenna, meaning "born of fire."
Makenzie - Feminine form of English unisex Mackenzie, meaning "comely, finely made."