Meaning name Linton



Meaning name Linton
English surname transferred to forename use, from the name of numerous places in England most of which were composed of the Old English elements lin "cotton, flax" and tun "enclosure, settlement," hence "cotton/flax settlement."
Lin (chinese - 1-林, 2-琳):  Chinese unisex name meaning 1) "forest," or 2) "jade (the gem)."
Lindita - Albanian name composed of the elements lindje "birth, east," and dita "day," hence "birth of day; daybreak."
Lindiwe - African Zulu name meaning "have waited."
Lindy - Pet form of English Linda, meaning "serpent."
Linette - Variant spelling of English Lynette, meaning "little lake."
Ling - Chinese unisex name meaning 1) "deity, soul; alert, quick-witted," 2) "jingling bells," and 3) "tinkling of jade pendants."
Linh - Vietnamese name meaning "spring."
Linn -   English short form of Latin Linnaea, meaning "twin flower." 
LinnÉa - Swedish form of Latin Linnaea, meaning "twin flower."
Linnet - Variant spelling of English Linette, meaning "little lake."