Names starting with Zor

Zorion - Basque unisex name meaning "happiness."
Zorione - Feminine form of Basque unisex Zorion,meaning"happiness." 
Zoravar - Armenian name meaning "powerful."
Zoran - Serbian name meaning "light of dawn."
Zōroástrēs - Greek form of Persian Zartosht (Avestan Zarathustra) ("he whose camels are angry"), but composed of astra "stars" and zoros "undiluted," hence "pure as the stars."
Zorobabel - Greek form of Hebrew Zerubbabel, meaning "born at Babylon" or "scattered to Babylon." In the bible, this is the name of the leader of the first of the returning exiles.
Zoroaster - Variant spelling of Latin Zoroastres, meaning "pure as the stars."
Zoria - Variant spelling of Slavic Zaria, meaning "morning star" or "sunrise." 
Zorion - Basque unisex name meaning "happiness."
Zoroastres - Latin form of Greek Zōroástrēs, meaning "pure as the stars."
Zora (serbian - Зора):  Feminine form of Serbian Zoran,meaning "light of dawn."