Names starting with Eng

Englebert - Variant spelling of German Engelbert, meaning "bright angel." But see Engel.
Engel - Short form of longer Germanic names containing the word engel, meaning "angel." Though the word engel is the German word for the heavenly being, there are two other words which have often been confused with it so that names containing such words are difficult to translate. The first, Ingal is an extended form of Ing, the name of the Old Norse fertility god. The second, Angel is the Old English spelling for "Angle," the name of the Germanic tribe of the Jutland peninsula who invaded eastern and northern Britain in the 5th-6th centuries and gave their name to England. To further complicate matters, angel is also the Old English word for "angle," which has fishing connotations in both English and German.
Engelbert - Old German name probably composed of the elements engel "angel" (but see Engel) and berht "bright, famous," hence "bright angel."
Engjell - Albanian name meaning "angel."
Engin - Turkish name meaning "vast."