Names starting with Bu

Butannaziba - African Ganda name meaning "before the night."
Butch - Originally a short from of the occupational surname Butcher. Later it was used to address a stranger in a sort of derogatory manner. For example, "Listen here, Butch..."
Bunty - English name, probably derived from an old nursery rhyme about "babybunting."
Burbuqe - Albanian name meaning "bud; sprout."
Bujare - Feminine form of Albanian Bujar, meaning "generous."
Bud - Short form of English Buddy, meaning "companion."
Burt - Short form of English Burton, meaning "fortified settlement."
Bukuroshe - Albanian name meaning "beauty." 
Bunko - Japanese name meaning "literary child."
Buffy - Pet form of English Elizabeth, meaning "God is my oath."
Buppha - Thai name meaning "flower."
Butrus - Arabic form of Latin Petrus, meaning "rock, stone."
Bussaba - Thai name meaning "flower."
Buonfiglio - Italian name meaning "good son."
Burton - English surname transferred to forename use, composed of the Old English elements burh "fortress, protection" and tun "enclosure, settlement," hence "fortified settlement."
Bulut - Turkish name meaning "cloud."
Buenaventura - Spanish form of Italian Bonaventura, meaning "good fortune."
Buster - English slang term for someone who breaks things transferred to forename use, originally derived from the verb bust, meaning "to break, smash," hence "breaker, destroyer, smasher."
Burgundy - English name derived from the wine name, from the name of a place in France which got its name from Latin Burgundiones, literally meaning "highlanders." May also sometimes be given as a color name.
Bubu - Egyptian name meaning "gives light."
Burkhard - German name composed of the elements burg "castle, fort, protection" and hard "brave, strong," hence "strong protection."
Buz - Anglicized form of Hebrew Buwz, meaning "contempt." In the bible, this is the name of a son of Nachor.
Budur - Feminine form of Arabic unisex Badr, meaning "full moon."
Bunny - English pet form of Latin Berenice, meaning "bringer of victory."
Bujune - African Nyoro name meaning "sorrow." This name is sometimes given to a child born during time of sorrow.
Burney - Irish surname transferred to forename use, from an Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Biorna "son of Biorna," hence "bear."
Busiris - Egyptian name of a king who killed visitors to his city, meaning "temple of Osiris."
Bulus - Arabic form of Latin Paulus, meaning "small."
Buwz - Hebrew name meaning "contempt." In the bible, this is the name of a son of Nachor.
Burim - Albanian name meaning "fountain; the source."
Buddha - Buddhist title given to anyone who has become fully enlightened, has overcome greed, ignorance, hate, etc, and has become liberated from all suffering, meaning "awakened, enlightened." The most famous Buddha was Gautama Buddha.
Buduica - Variant spelling of Celtic Boudica, meaning "victory."
Burke - Variant spelling of German Burk, meaning "castle, fort, protection."
Buru - African Shona name meaning "bull."
Buddy - English name derived from the vocabulary, which may be an altered form of "brother" or, more likely, a variant spelling of British butty, meaning "companion." 
Buikhu - Egyptian name meaning "the best."
Buziba - African Ganda name meaning "deep water; open water."
Burk - From the Germanic word burg, meaning "castle, fort, protection." Used as a short form of longer names containing the same element.
Buck - From the American English pet name for a "high-spirited young man," from the vocabulary word buck, meaning  "male deer or goat."
Budde - African Ganda name meaning "night; occasion; time; weather."
Bujar - Albanian name meaning "generous."