Meaning name Lanny



Meaning name Lanny
Pet form of English names beginning with Lan-.
Lan - Chinese name meaning "orchid," or "elegant, graceful."
Lana -   Hawaiian name meaning "afloat; calm as still waters."
Lanfen - Chinese name meaning "orchid fragrance."
Lani - Hawaiian name meaning "heaven, sky."
Lanying - Chinese name meaning "orchid heroine."
Lance -   English name derived from the Old French word lance, meaning "lance (the weapon)." 
Landebert - German name composed of the elements land "land" and berht "bright," hence "land-bright."
Landoberct - Variant form of German Landebert, meaning "land-bright." 
Landon - English surname transferred to forename use, from a contracted form of the surname Langdon, composed of the Old English elements lang "long" and dun "hill," hence "long hill."
Lane - English topographic surname transferred to forename use, derived from Old English lane "narrow pathway," hence "lives by a lane."