Meaning name Kasper



Meaning name Kasper
  English form of Spanish Gaspar, meaning "treasure bearer." Early Christians assigned names to the three Magi ("wise men from the east") who visited the baby Jesus. They are mentioned but not named in the bible; Kasper is one of them, the other two are Balthasar and Melchior. Also spelled Casper and Jasper.
Kasa - Native American Hopi name meaning "dressed in furs."
Kasandra - English variant spelling of Latin Cassandra, meaning "she who entangles men."
Kasey - Variant spelling of English unisex Casey, meaning "vigilant, wakeful."
Kashi - Hindi name meaning "shining" or "the luminous one."
Kasi - Variant spelling of Hindi Kashi, meaning "shining" or "the luminous one."
Kasia - Pet form of Polish Katarzyna, meaning "pure."
Kasimira - Feminine form of German Kasimir, meaning "commands peace."
Kassia -   English variant spelling of Latin Cassia, meaning "cassia," a bark similar to cinnamon.
Kassiopeia - Greek name meaning "she whose words excel." In mythology, this is the name of one of the fifty Nereids who became the wife of Cepheus and mother of Andromeda. 
Kassy - Pet form of English Kassia, meaning "cassia," a bark similar to cinnamon.